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…you can learn ninjutsu step by step at home,

using the same killer techniques I’ve used to

train thousands!

Discover the 9 easy fundamental steps that will accelerate your mastery of ninja fighting.

Chances are if you are like my students you most likely want to learn:

  • Quick ninja fighting secrets
  • How to become a ninjutsu master
  • How to defeat bigger, stronger attackers with minimal effort
  • The authentic, ancient art of ninja fighting

But before I get into these, it is important to know that what I teach is the real ninja fighting style handed down from the true 34th Grandmaster of Ninjutsu, Maasaki Hatsumi.

My name is Shidoshi Keith Copeland, trained by high ranking shihan (masters) .

I have:

  • Traveled the world teaching to thousands
  • Run and own a highly successful ninjutsu dojo
  • Secrets to accelerate your ninja online training
  • The ability to help you think like a ninja and their fighting art, not just learn the moves

So, I decided to create this website to share the awesome art of the ninja online.

If you want to master the ninja fighting style you will need to:

  • Understand integrated body movement to generate unstoppable power
  • Learn and use “shomitsu”, the first secret of leveraging the natural weakness of your opponents stance and positioning
  • Know how to “be the center” of any technique to steal balance that will send your opponents flying
  • Instantly recognize an attack and be in the perfect position to win

There are secrets that can be taught to a ninja online!

This is one reason that I have made it a mission to get better information to as many people as I can that want to learn ninjutsu and get quality ninjutsu training.

You see, if you do learn ninjutsu, even online, it puts you in a very elite group . Until recently good ninja online instruction was hard to find, almost legendary. I still have new students coming in and being so excited to actually learn ninjutsu in a quality school!

And they have every right to be excited. Ninja training is an amazingly comprehensive body of work. Most arts have only “stand up” kicking and punching.

I have created this site to provide you with a lot of information. In fact, it is my goal to have the most ninjutsu and ninja information on the internet!

You will have access to pages and pages of free information. You see, I truly believe in this art and I have seen fantastic transformations in my students. Their lives have become richer, they have found more of their inner power and they have learned tools and techniques to make every area of their lives better.

You also have the opportunity to become a member and get access to private ninja online training. Training that will give you the step-by-step secrets to learn ninjutsu and put you on the path to ninja mastery.

In my Ninja Training Techniques membership you will learn:

  • Balance taking. You will be able to take down opponents twice your size if you learn this secret.
  • Disruption. Literally steal the attacker’s power in an instant.
  • Joint locks and throws. Big and strong becomes weak and compliant when you know just the right twist.
  • Ninja fighting secrets.

Other martial arts schools are now trying to re-invent the wheel with their MMA (mixed martial arts) which is a cobbled together curriculum of karate, kick boxing, jujutsu and boxing. Ninjutsu has had the most comprehensive and effective martial art for centuries. You need to be careful what you invest your time and money into. That is why if you really want to learn ninjutsu you need to get my latest ninja fighting package.

Here’s how this information has dramatically changed the life of many other people like you…

I believe the biggest difference for me will be the knowledge that I can use what I am learning and what I know in all areas of me life. The most challenging thing for me is to expand my “Watery” side. I must stop charging ahead at all costs all the time.
Mr. Copeland, I wish to visit your school and maybe sign up for instruction. I know the arts of defense as intended for the whole person; mind, body and spirit. I feel this may be just what I need!

John Smith (really!)

I want to show you how to get really skillful at ninjutsu in much less time and spend much less money than it cost me!

Take advantage of my years of training!
I will give you the secrets that took me years to learn.

One thing I tell my students is that I want you to learn faster, more efficiently and be better than I was when I earned my degrees of black belt.

I had to travel thousands of miles, spend many tens of thousands of dollars and invest years learning this art! You don’t have to. With my ninja online training you can start to learn ninjutsu and ninja fighting almost immediately.

You deserve to have the best in life, so now it is time to take action!

Take a look around my website and start to learn more about the ninja fighting style and begin your ninja online training right now!

Click on the image below see how you can earn your Black Belt in Ninjutsu with my online Ninjutsu Course!

Ninja training Starts Here!

To all your success,


Shidoshi Keith Copeland

30 Responses to “Home”

  • Steven McGregor:

    My kids and I trained with Mr. and Mrs. Copeland for many years. They have one of the best martial arts schools that I have seen. If you can’t get into the school to go through training I highly recommend Mr. Copelands training videos.

  • Thanks Steven,
    Your family is a great example if what can happen if you learn ninjutsu. This site is a way to teach thousands of more people learn to be a ninja online.

  • Dave:

    Twenty seven bucks for those videos is a steal. Great info!

  • dalmar:

    hello sensei, I just signed up for your online ninja mastery package and was just wondering how long it will take to receive the package. I cant wait to train with your dvds.
    thank you

  • Hi David,
    The Ninja Mastery package is delivered to you online, so there is no waiting!

    When you purchase the package you are instantly enrolled as a member. In your follow up emails you have instructions on how to access the 2 ebooks and all the videos in the Members Only area. Make sure you read all the emails you received and start training.

  • shinobi i would really like some one to show me the way of the ninja

  • Zack H.:

    Hey ninja! I wana be just like you! I’ve been disciplining myself by watching power rangers, but I want to take the next step! I’m not computer literate and would appreciate it if you would send me an email detailing the steps to buy your program.
    Thanks and looking forward to watching your videos.
    Your noble padewon,

    Zack H.

  • Hi Zach,
    This is such an important question I wanted to address it right here for everyone.
    To buy my online ninja video training you first need to be 18 years old. If you are under 18 it is absolutely mandatory that your parent makes the purchase. It will be good for them to get ninja training too!
    To buy, just scroll up this page and click the “Join Now” button above. That will take you to the shopping cart page. Once there follow the instructions. They will lead you to Paypal. Once you are at Paypal you can pay directly from your Paypal account or you can pay by credit card.
    I will send you instructions, links and the other info you need to begin your ninja training.

  • jsturgeo:

    This site is really the perfect resource for the ninja! It’s a great resource for studying and learning these techniques. I can really find just about everything with just a click of a button.

    Whether you’re a fifth level blackbelt, the occasional practitioner, or if you’re considering practicing this site is going to be your bestfriend!

  • goten ramos:

    Dear Sensei,Copeland i have been looking for alot of ninjutsu in all kinds of websites like videos on youtube,bebo,facebook, etc. but their are all kung fu. I found one and i showed me how to control my strenght and to use very little strenght and still give i high damaging attack. But i still think i dont know much. So i think since i read everything in your website. I know your videos have what it takes to disciplining me to be a great ninja warrior

    Many Thanks: your fellow student Goten

  • Thank yo ufor your thoughts. I will be relasing a white to black belt curriculum training hopefully in a few weeks. Order my free report and it will get you on my mailing list that will keep you up to date on new trainings being released.
    Keep training.

  • Robert:

    I have just turned 18, all my life my soul purpose in this existance was to fulfill my dream of becoming ninja. I have practiced many martal arts of more than 5 different types, and have studied sports such as Judo, taiqwan do, Parkour, Muy Thai and now practice the art of Gymnastics and everyone says I’ve become exceptionaly good for my first two years (I truely feel I’ve mastered the art of flipping as well) I joined these things to someday come closer to achive my dream. Becoming ninja is no joke to me. Its not because I want to be cool or stick out in the crowd. After I get out of the military I with to make this my way of life. Getting a response back would really mean alot

  • Robert,
    I am currently in Japan training with the grandmaster, Soke Maasaki Hatsumi and his top Shihan. I an assure you, and anyone else that being a ninja is real and achievable. The gymnastics you talked about are great things. But being a ninja and truly learning ninjutsu is far beyond the acrobatics.
    What you have learned so far is good, but the true ninja skills and knowledge are so much greater. I am truly excited for you and what lies before you. Start your true ninja training, whether it is with me or another valid ninjutsu intructor, by training directly with someone or with an online training.
    I look forward to helping you realize your dream.

  • Kenpachi Vioso:

    hello Fellow Martial artist. I too am 18 and a very avid Martial artist as well i study kung fu ninjutsu muay thai dim mak wing chun and hapkido moo sool won. i hope we cross paths in the future. because as of then I Kenpachi Vioso challenge you to a fight. A freindly fight that is, there is no need for death. And good luck with your training.

  • Hi Kenpachi,
    You are clearly a martial arts enthusiast. Meeting other martial artists is a great opportunity to learn and broaden your understanding. But fighting is not necessary to learn ninjutsu. In fact, the more sure you are of your ninja fighting abilities and of yourself as a person the enlightened practioner has less and less need to “fight”.
    Indeed, everything you do in life has the potential to be training.

  • MK Castaneda:

    is there a black belt test ….

    i have over 20 years in KUNG FU and i have a group of kids who are excited about NINJA TRAINING.


  • jagr melo:

    Hello I’m jagr and I was wondering if u have any friends in chatham kent ontario or close by that could teach me personnaly I feel that unlike all the other martial arts I’ve tried ninjustu might actually work for me. I think that everyone growing up has wanted to be a ninja I want the chance

  • Sam:

    Hi Mr.Copeland,
    I’m 14 and I want to learn these steps on becoming a ninja. I have asny experience in martial but I do box. Would the books and videos be able to still teach/help me into becoming a ninja?
    Thank You,

  • Brandon:

    Do you get ninja uniforms and tabi socks and boots

  • Click on the “Ninja Products”. I have links to a great ninja store. This is where I get some of my gear. I have an affiliate relationship with them so I need to tell you that if you buy something from them using my links I will get a commission.

    Even if I didn’t get a commission I would recommend them.

  • Hi Sam,


    I designed my Ninja Training materials to enable diatance students learn and develop the skills of the ninja.

    My Black Belt Course walks you step-by-step from white belt through black belt!

    Since you are 14 you need to have your parents invest in this awesome training for you (they may even want to train with you like many of my personal students).

    To get your Ninjutsu Black Belt training started Click Here.

  • Hi jagr,

    I don’t know of anyone in Chatham Ontario I would recommend you to. We are in southeastern Mishigan but that would be tough for you to cross the border each week.

    What I would recommend is that you get my Ninjutsu Black Belt Course and come a few times per year to our school for private lessons and seminars. That woudl be a great solution for you.

    Click here to start earning your black belt in ninjutsu.

    BTW, I have put the link to my Black Belt Coourse on a few of the responses to peoples comments. I hate to seem like a hard sell but I just want everyone to know how to start their ninja training.

  • MK Castanda,

    Sorry about the lateness of my reply.

    Yes, there is the opportunity to test for belts.

    I can award rank directly through the Bujinkan so your kids would be part of the authentic ninja/ninjutsu organization headed by Massaki Hatsumi, the granmaster of ninjutsu inJapan.

    To get started Click Here

    I look forward to seeing the kids test!

  • Tim:

    As a Police Officer assigned to a very violent area in my city and on foot these techniques will prove life saving for both myself, and the people I protect. Protection of people against an unholy element, and sometimes themselves. An art I do not have the money to pay to learn but now can here thanks to you. You may have saved my life and someone elses out here. God Bless You.


  • Thanks TIm,

    As a police officer you know how important it is to have something that works. It is part of my mission to get this amazingly effective self defense martial art system out to as many people, like you who are trying to make the world a better place, as possible. That is one reason I am trying to make it extremely affordable.

  • TIM:

    Hi my name is Tim i am 16 years old and have never taken any martial arts classes but have always wanted to. I am kinda stuck with my life right now and i was wondering if ninjutsu could help me get unstuck and start moving again

  • Grandmaster, i feel learning Ninjitsu is a life previllege. I’ve trained in some karate but i feel i need 2 learn this art fully. It begins with learnin on ur site. Thanx

  • kev:

    i want to be a ninja but i dont know how to become…help me

  • Bill Crossley:

    I’d like to post a response to TIM. My answer is, TIM, seriously, do it! A few years ago I was feeling the same way you are – stuck in a bad place in my life. Learning ninjutsu at Shidoshi Copeland’s school gave me the confidence and skills I needed to break out of that rut and change my life for the better. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that ninjutsu saved my life. It is one of the best, most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and I cannot recommend it with enough enthusiasm to do it justice.

  • Bill,
    I am deeply moved by the part I have played in your life. It is one of the reasons I built the school and this online dojo to help so many others.

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