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Ninja Products

The ninja had many tools and products in their arsenal. They were masters who developed their skills at using tools to accomplish their mission. These ninja tools could be weapons pr products of the time, knowledge of psychology, knowledge of the body and anatomy and physical training.

The modern ninja has different needs because we live in a different world.

If a ninja time traveled to present day he would absolutely use products like GPS, the internet, an Iphone or Blackberry (with the GPS disabled), a silencer and any other tool that would allow him to gather information, become invisible or get the job done.

But a modern day ninja needs to understand the ancient weapons too. You need to develop your skills, and the

Shuriken Styles

Various shuriken

ancient weapons are a great way to do that.

You can visit the pages on ninja products and weapons for specific ninja products to assist you in your ninja training.

The clothes the ninja wore helped him accomplish the mission. One set of clothing they wore were the black hooded outfits that Hollywood made famous. Bu there was more to the ninja outfit.

You can find information on ninja suit and my recommendation’s for specific products by clicking this link to the ninja suit.

Other ancient ninja products are:

  • Ninja shuriken
  • Ninja and samurai sword
  • Yari
  • Bo
  • Hanbo
  • Kusarifundo
  • Naginata

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