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Ninja Weapons Are Must Have Ninja Training Tools!

Training with ninja weapons is fun, but more importantly, ninja weapons training allows you to really understand your body dynamics. If  you are using  ninja movement correctly the weapon will effectively move with power. If your body dynamics are not correct the ninja weapon’s movement will be clunky and ineffective.

Samurai Sword

Samurai Sword

The ninja knew that the weapon is an extension of you. It magnifies the quality of your movement. It also focuses your attention on specifically what you are doing wrong.

There are many ninja weapons:

  • The ninja shuriken, or throwing star
  • The Ninja Toh, or ninja sword
  • Samurai swords
  • The Kusarifundo
  • The Naginata
  • The Yari
  • and many other ninja weapons were fashioned and used

Ninja shuriken

One ninja weapon is the shuriken and is commonly known as “throwing stars”. You see these in the movies. A ninja is creeping through the shadows, he pulls his weapon just before being seen by the adversary. A silent “Whoosh”. Suddenly a ninja shuriken strikes the bad guy in the head and kills him instantly!

Hollywood is soooo entertaining. But they sooo get it wrong.

Remember Hollywood is like the news media. They both have to find the most dramatic and emotionally stimulating angle on everything. If they don’t, they wouldn’t sell.

Ninja swords
The ninja had many weapons but he relied on his sword.

  • The Ninja Toh, or ninja sword was a utilitarian weapon.
    • It was cheap to make and the ninja didn’t have to be all that careful with it. In fact, if the ninja needed to scale a wall or a tree he could use this weapon as a step.
  • Samurai swords were used by the ninja
    • Because they needed to be expert at the opponent’s weaponry.
    • If you were to become a master tactician you needed to become an expert at all your opponent’s strategies.


The Kusarifundo were chain and weight ninja weapons that were used as striking and entrapping tools. They were made of chain and had an iron weight at each end that was a little longer than the width of your palm. They were typically 32 inches total length.


The ninja also used the Naginata which was a long spear-like weapon.


The Yari was another long, spear-like tool.

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