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Ninjutsu is the Traditional Ninja Art

Ninjutsu is the whole body of the ninja art that includes empty handed defense, weapons and tactics, disruption techniques, destruction techniques and mind sciences.

Ninjutsu is a complete martial art. I say complete because it is not just punching and kicking. It has punching and Ninja kukikicking but a whole lot more. It has:

  • Joint locks
  • Throws
  • Grappling
  • Pain point (kyusho point), also called pressure point manipulation
  • Ground defense or ground fighting
  • Compliance techniques to stop the attacker without damage
  • The ninja art and appearance of invisibility
  • Information gathering
  • Weapons
  • Mind science, to develop the mind and not just the  body
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Climbing and scaling

Ninjutsu training is what I refer to as a holistic training. Ninjutsu is about the  whole person, body, mind and spirit. Whereas many arts talk about the whole person, almost none deliver on the promise. Ninjutsu is the exception.

Ninjutsu is the only true ninja art.

The ninjutsu lineage consists of nine ninja families:

  1. Togakure Ryu ninjutsu, “hidden door school“. Founded in 1161 by Daisuke Nishina.
  2. Gyokko Ryu koshijutsu, “school of the jeweled tiger“. Founded in 1156 by Hakuunsai Tozawa.
  3. Kukishinden Ryu happo hikenjutsu, “school of the none demon gods”. Founded in the mod 1300’s by Takazane Yakashimasu.
  4. Shindenfudo Ryu dakentaijutsu, “school of the immovable heart“. Founded in 1113 by Kanja Yoshiteru Izumo.
  5. Koto Ryu koppojutsu, “knocking down the tiger school”
  6. Gikan Ryu
  7. Takagi-Yoshin Ryu jutaijutsu
  8. Gyokushin Ryu
  9. Kumogakure Ryu

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