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Shinobi Ninja – The Shadow Warriors

Shinobi means “to steal away” inferring stealth. Shinobi and ninja are both ways of saying the same thing. Ninjutsu history has many names for the ninja. Shinobi was what the ninja were referred to in more ancient times.

The body and physical technique was important to the shinobi ninja. But physical technique was made vastly more effective with a powerful crystal clear mind. Ninjutsu history would have been much different without a method for perfecting and clearing the mind. A mind that was trained for decisive action, innovation and creative problem solving and laser focused goal attainment.

The shinobi ninja had a method for focusing and perfecting their mind. In fact, it is a mind science. They developed a Ninja kukispecific set of practices that enable the individual to find deeper peace, mental acuity and attain keen insight. This practice also enabled the ninja to project their intention, their thoughts and their will, onto others to cause that person to move in directions that were to the advantage of the ninja.

I share this Shinobi mind science training in my Ninja Black Belt Course membership. Here are just some of the secrets I share:

  • The one mind science practice that will increase your personal power
  • Specific practices you can use to “know” what others are thinking
  • An exercise to develop your ability to influence others to make decisions in your favor (only use this if it also helps the other person too!)
  • Steps to calm your mind in the middle of chaos and conflict

The Yamabushi, who are relatives in ninjutsu history, were an ascetic sect that lived in the mountains had developed this clarity of mind through spiritual practice.

The  Yamabushi perfected their fierce fighting prowess as a result of a path that was designed to develop mystical powers and supernatural abilities through asceticism. Living a simple but highly focused life the Yamabushi believed, and were reported to have, amazing abilities that were supernatural.

They followed a spiritual path. This path led them to have a reputation of wizards and sorcerors. Because of the spiritual and mystical insight, the Yamabushi began to gain political power and influence. The Yamabushi martial fighting skills made them formidable adversaries of the samurai.

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