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Ninjutsu Training

Increases Your Personal Power!

Ninjutsu training is all about perfecting your self. When you practice ninjutsu training you work on your body, your mind and your spirit. It is a path that hones you into the very best version of yourself.Ninjutsu_training

Since ninjutsu is the entire body of the ninja martial arts you are training to perfect your:

  • Taijutsu (empty handed techniques)
  • Striking skills
  • Weapons techniques
  • Your ukeme (your ability to “receive” techniques)
  • Reconnaissance/information skills
  • Climbing skills
  • Invisibility (or ability to blend in)
  • And so many others

Since you are developing various aspects of yourself you will naturally need to become stronger and more flexible in your body and mind.  Your training will also give you more stamina to keep going and complete the mission.

Dedicated ninjutsu training makes your body strong and more flexible. You increase your range of motion, reaction timing, agility and balance through consistent training in the ninja martial arts.  The nature of these ninja martial abilities leads to total health and perfects you physically.

One goal of training in the ninja martial arts, was always to have a complete person. The ninja needed to be able to leap, run, scale walls, use explosive force against opponents and have endurance to be able to do some amazing things and have the stamina to complete the mission. This is all part of budo taijutsu (warrior training in the art of unarmed battle).

Complete ninjutsu training must include ukeme training. You need to feel the technique or attack to more deeply understand the dynamics of giving the technique or attack. In other words. to throw you need to know how to be thrown. To punch or kick you need to know how to “recieve” the punch or kick without being damaged by the energy of the attack.

If you get really good at your ukeme you can not only survive any attack, you can minimize or eliminate any damage to yourself. In fact, high level ukeme is used to put your attacker in a more vulnerable position that you can use to defeat them!

In my ninjutsu training books and video training you will learn:

  • The five absolutely key things necessary to self perfection
  • The three essential pieces of equipment you need to set up your personal ninja dojo (hint: it won’t cost you much money if you do what I suggest)
  • A physical training method that will cost you nothing but will create the body you always wanted
  • The five basic body postures, or stances (ninjutsu kamae) that are critical to true Ninjutsu training success

Ninjutsu Training

Although you really need to study with a credible and skilled teacher, you can learn ninjutsu at home. Training the way it was learned hundreds of years ago, at home, in the village. A solid ninja martial arts book and a detailed video is a great place to start, especially if you don’t have access to a teacher.

Ninja martial abilities are an amazing set of skill to learn. It’s mastery will enhance your life and bring more success and peace of mind.


Start your journey to a Black Belt in Ninjutsu today!

Ninja training Starts Here!


I really want to know what you are thinking.

Please leave your questions or comments in the comment box below. I will respond to them as quickly as I can.

40 Responses to “Ninjutsu Training”

  • Aaron hui (AKA:known as Ninjakid at school):

    Dear sensei, May I ask where this dojo is? -ninjakid

  • colten Garrett:

    Hello I’ve always wented to become a ninja its my dream and will always be I’m 19 years old we don’t have much money so can you make my dream come true email me back on an email which I can talk back to because I have tons of questions thank you so much

  • I wish I had access to the ninja information that is available today when I was 19.
    Becoming a ninja is not just about the ninjutsu techniques. It is also about the person inside. In fact, the physical training is a vehicle for self development. Online training will get you some answers, but training in a good ninja dojo is best.
    Ask any questions you have here and I will do my best to answer them.

  • Hi Ninjakid!

    I have had my ninja dojo in Michigan for over 12 years. It has been an honor to guide the ninjutsu training of thousand of students and see the amazing, positive changes in them.

    Over the years my students have told me their success stories. Stories of increased confidence that led to promotions at work, taking actions that helped them achieve their goals and having people listen to them and take them seriously.

    Other students have told me about how their training saved their lives, literally and figuratively. Stories of fending off attackers or shutting down verbal and psychological abuse (bullies never grow up!).

    If you want to make something happen in your life then ninjutsu mastery can absolutely help.

    Keep training (or if you’re not then start right away)

  • Ryan:

    I’m only 14 but I would really just love to have the chance to go to a ninja training camp or anything like that. I’m currently taking Isshinryu karate right now but would like to go to a ninja training camp or eiether take ninjutsu but I don’t know where any camps are. If you could please let me know where some are that are close to North Carolina. Just e-mail me. Thank you!

  • We are holding a summer warrior camp in Michigan at the end of July. We only have a couple of spaces left. But if you are 14 you would need to have a parent attend too.

    There are a couple of ninja camps in your area. I have a friend there and I will put him in contact with you.

  • Dinorah Rodriguez:

    Hello, I am 16 years old and I would like to do ninja training. I’ve always wanted to it’s been like a goal I have placed on myself since I was 9. Can you help me out? Please email me about this.

  • Dinorah, the best way for me to help people realize their dream of ninja training is for them to train personally with me. I know that not everyone can live close to a qualified teacher. So, in order to help as many people as possible I am making the information available in videos, books and by answering questions here because I’m sure the questions you have are the same questions that many others have too. Go ahead and ask any question and I will try to give you the most complete answer possible.

  • brad:

    hey im brad im 15 and ive been wanting to do karate and ninja training since before i can remember, but my family never had the mony or time. i live i alaska so can you help me out and email me.

  • Hi Brad,
    As you can see there are a lot of people who want to learn ninjutsu. That is why I developed this site and this training. I really can’t train anyone through email. But I can help you learn by video and ebooks.
    I have priced this training super low because I want to make it affordable. I highly recommend you talk to your parents and see if they A) support you learning the most effective martial arts system in the world and B) if they will support you in the small financial commitment to get my course.
    I look forward to helping you on your path to mastery!

  • George:

    Hi, my name is George. I recently turned twenty, and I just purchased your course. After reading the online books, I realized that even though they were very helpful, it won’t be the same as training with an instructor. I live in Florida and I was just wondering how long it would take to train at your dojo as well as the cost?

  • Hi George,
    Congratulations on making the decision to learn ninjutsu!
    First of all, you are right. Training directly with a good instructor is best. But not everyone is fortunate enough to live near one. I wasn’t so lucky so I had to travel all over the country to get my ninjutsu training. I also had to pay thousands of dollars to high ranking instructors to come to my school so my students could get access to others skilled teachers.
    Now to answer your questions. “how long it would take to train at your dojo?” That depends on how skilled and knowledgeable you want to become and how often you can come to classes, take private lessons and train at home. But becoming skillful at ninjutsu takes years of training. You can learn the basics and learn to defend yourself in a shorter amount time, but I would like my students to commit themselves to mastery.
    Your second question is the cost. Some of my students invest $200 per month (in classes, private lessons, special seminars, books, videos. etc.).Some invest just over $100 per month.
    I will be launching a more in depth online training in the near future. This online training is a way for me to get the information out to more people who don’t have the advantage of being close to my school, at a super affordable price.

  • J:

    where is the location of your school?
    any experiance requiered?
    how old do you have to be?
    do we come every dayof the week?
    do you stay there?
    please reply.

  • Hi J,
    My school is in Michigan. You need no experience to begin your path to mastery and we begin serious training for our students at around 9 years old. It is difficult to teach ninjutsu to someone younger than 9. Teenagers are usually quick to learn but they are slow to stick with the training. However, the teens that commit themselves become very skillful.
    Our students typically come to class 2-3 times per week and train at home 4-5 times per week for 30-60 minutes.
    Anyone can learn ninjutsu and with commitment and perseverance anyone can become a master.

  • Chris:


    My name is Chris and I’m going to be starting taekwando pretty soon, but my inspiration has always come from ninjutsu. I would very much like to learn. I’m in the military right now, I’m 21. I don’t know any good ninjutsu dojos in my area so in intrested in your online course until my contract ends and hopefully I can go train at an actual dojo in a couple of years.any info you have will be vey helpful. Thanks

  • Hi Chris,
    It’s awesome that you are becoming a martial artist! I believe that ninjutsu is the absolute best art to learn for so many reasons.

    That is why I created this opportunity for you to get this valuable training (especially if you are not near a good ninjutsu dojo) and have priced it at such a crazy pow price.

    My suggestion to you is to buy this training and start learning with your friends right away.

    Just click on the picture of the package above on this page. It will take you to the order page. Do it now and start your path to ninja mastery.

  • Bryan:


    I am 27 yrs old and am very interested in learning and becoming a sucessful student in Ninjitsu. I live in Cleveland, OH and would love to be able to train close to home do you know of any dojos in my area so i may start on my ninja training? I will anxiously await a e-mail from u thank you for your time and consideration.


  • Hi Bryan,

    Ninjutsu is an awesome martial art. It has been called the most effective martial art in the world, and I believe it is.

    There used to be a ninjutsu school near Cleveland but I believe the school closed when the master moved out west. I will search for a school near you.

    In the mean time I would suggest you get started right a way with my Ninja Online Mastery training. It has all you need to get started and build a strong base.
    Just click on the package image above the comment section and it will take you to the sign up page.
    Keep going!

  • Oscar:

    shinobi-ninja i would like to learn Ninjutsu im 12 and i live in toronto ontario can you pleaze tell me if there is a dojo near me so i can start my training.Please 😀

  • Oscar,

    I really wish that I had this training available to me when I was your age. I think everyone should have the chance to learn and grow from ninja wisdom and skills.

    However I must ask you to work with your parents to find a dojo near you. I know of at least three. But because you are under 18 I really can’t help you.

    You should ask your parents to look at this site, help them understand your wish to become a ninja master and ask them to 1) buy this online training for you or, 2) look for a good dojo near you.

    We help develop protectors, not predators. And with that in mind we have a policy that is very strict regarding minors. If you are working with your parents then we can help you get the ninja training you need.

    So, talk to your parents and together make a decision on your future ninja path.

  • Sataki-San:

    Shin’ainaru kyoshi,
    I am very honored to find a reliable teacher, and I do hope that you help me fufill my dreams and make my efforts worth it. I understand that this is serious, and i willing to take the risks that it comes with. Arigato, watashi-tachi wa itsu no hi ka hanasu koto o negatte imasu.

  • i want to learn this but don’t want my parents to pay.can u help me?please?

    P.S I am eleven

  • Justin:

    I am a united states marine currently stationed in Okinawa Japan. Do you know of and notable dojo’s on the island, and do you ship your product to FPO/AP addresses?

  • Zach:

    Hello, i was wondering if there are any good ninjutsu schools around austin, texas. thanks

  • shane:

    I’m only 15 but i really want to become a ninja. I train ever day to become better and better. I try hard and then i try harder. I have no training but the training and skills i have giving myself. I really want to learn alot more can you please explain to me. How this works. I would pay to go. R we going any where. Do i leave home. What do we learn from your i hear legandary skills shinobi ninja

  • Hi Shane,
    I wish I had access to this info when I was 15.
    You are on the right path as evidenced by your determination and passion for this art. It is for warriors like you that I have created this online dojo. Not everyone has the ability to come to my school.
    I have many personal students your age and what they and their parents have found is that ninja training gives you a huge advantage over others your age. But, it is the parents decision whether you pay for your training or not. You must explain to them the benefits of learning this ancient art and let them decide if they want you to reap the rewards of this training.

  • john:

    hi my name is john i want to know more also i want to train with someone its been my dream to become the best since i was four and learn more about body mind and soul

  • Robert:

    I have just turned 18, all my life my soul purpose in this exsistance was to fullfill my dream of becoming ninja. I have practiced many martal arts of more then 5 different types, and have studied sports such as judo tai qwan do and muy thai and now practice the art of gymnastics and everyone says I’ve become exceptionaly good for my first 2 years(I truely feel that I’ve mastered the art of flipping as well)I joined these things to someday come closer to achieve my dream. Becoming a ninja is no joke to me. Its not because I want to be cool or stick out in the crowd.After I get out of the military I wish to make this my way of life. Getting a response back would really mean alot.

  • The dream if being a ninja is not a pipe dream. I am currently in Japan training with the Grandmaster and the Shihan and believe me, they are true ninja. You just need determination, access to people who have the info and train, train, train

  • Brandon:

    Hi, I’m Brandon, I wanted to be a ninja not for the weapons and all that stuff. But all I wanted from being a Ninja was the speed, stamina, skill, stealth and agility. I wanted this too just be simple and I just wanted too know the exercises. In my country there is no ninjutsu OR even karate for a couple of days drive away. All I want too know is the basic’s and show my friend I’m more skilled than what they think, I don’t care if this even takes years for me to do, I’m 13 and 110 pounds and I wanna be more stealthy and quick so do you have any tips, exercises or training methods? Thanks. ~Brandon

  • andrew:

    sir im andrew contreras im from laredo tx and im 17 i really want to be a ninja and i always wanted to i wanna be in touch with my soul and i want peace im tired of being in all this hate and frustration i wanna be a ninja so plz send me a book sir plz id really like to have one

  • Hi Andrew,
    You are right on track about creating peace. That is a core principle I believe can be cultivated through ninja training.
    If you look above you will wee an offer for a free book. It will have many of hte things it sounds like you are looking for. Just leave your name and email. Since you are 17 I would ask you to get your parents invoolved in the decision to get more info and begin your training.

  • Joe Morse:

    hey ive wanted to learn ninjutsu ever since i was 3 and im 12. i live in a place with all kinds of other martial arts but no ninjutsu and what do you suggest i do? no one im my school thinks ill ever be a ninja but i want to prove them wrong.I also have lots of bullies and i want to defend myself

  • Hi Joe,

    I know how you feel. When I was learning ninjutsu I had to travel to all corners of the country to get my training. That’s why I tell my students how fortunate they are to live near my school.
    If you are not fortunate enough to live near a good ninja school them my Black Belt Course will be great. You really need your parents permission and support if you are under 18 though.
    As far as bullies, remember that they are scared little babies that never learned to believe in themselves. There is something they hate about themselves and the only way they can deal with it is to bully others.
    Remember that bullies are cowards and their lives really are miserable for them too.

  • Ashton:

    Hi my name is ashton. I am 12 and am verry intrested in ninjutsu. I have always wanted to learn to defend my self in the way of the ninja. I LOVE playing with swords knives shurikens kunai and daggers. I have enouph money to buy the equipment and currently im abot to buy practice swords. I want to become a ninja spirritually mentally and physicaly. I am also currently learning japanese. Could you give me the location of any ninja schools in northern nevada?

    Ashton (AKA frank the ninja)

  • Hi Ashton,

    First, get your parents involved in hyour training.

    Second, Good ninjutsu schools are hard to find. Unfortunately I don’t know anhy in your area.

    That is exactly why I made thjis training available online. I kept getting lots of calls and emails saying that people wanted ninja/ninjutsu training but it wasn’t available to them locally.

    Talk to your parents and see if they will get you my online training. Then, get a couple of your friends to train with.

    I hope to see you training with me soon!

  • gurminder:

    hello sir.,,,,,

    i m from india,,,,nd i m very much intersnted in learing this legendry skill…..there are sum schools here in india ,,,,but i dont think,,,,they train that much seriously…..i want to know weather dere is any age boundtion,,,,,to learn ninjutsu……..i m 18 yrs of age…..

  • Hello Gurminder,

    It is hard to find a good ninjutsu teacher.

    18 years old is a perfect tine to start you ninja training. I

    Click here to get your ninjutsu training started.

  • tushar:

    ninjitsu is my life…plz contact me…i wanna talk u personnally…
    plz plz plz…
    contact on facebook…

  • harmony:

    since i can remember i wanted to be some sort of super soilder,
    that dream has not really left me, i love all martial arts & want to make a new one uniqe to me like bruce lee. do you know a way to help? – 19 year old female; harmony

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