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Martial Arts Training is

Your Formula For Success

In my opinion martial arts training should be mandatory for everyone for a least one year. The value goes beyond self defense. In fact, self defense is the least value most people get.

Core Ninjutsu Technique lesson 6

Core Ninjutsu Technique lesson 6

Self discovery is a major benefit that comes from martial arts training with a competent teacher. You learn your hidden strengths, your vulnerabilities, expand your interpersonal skills and increase your confidence and perseverance.

Martial arts training goes back thousands of years. In fact, nearly all martial arts can trace their origins back to yoga. Students and practitioners migrated from India to Nepal, then through China and then on to Japan and Korea.

Each culture then gave its own flavor and nuance to the art and it evolved as it spread across the world. Indeed, martial arts training continues to evolve and adapt to culture, technology and societal environment.

Begin your ninjutsu master’s path!

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4 Responses to “Martial Arts Training”

  • Thom Delecki:

    For self improvement I want to become be able to set and maintain boundaries with others and to be more assertive with others. I really to be better able to attract people in my life that treat me with respect. I have come to realization that I need to define for myself what is respectful people in order to seek it out in others.

  • Thom Delecki:

    When I thought about what is respect? I kept finding it much easier to think of bhavioral that is disresptful and it was harder to think of what is respectful behavioral.

  • AnnArborDoula:

    When I started training, my initial intent was to learn self defense. Little did I know that this art would touch many aspects of my world. It has given me tools to be a better leader at work, a better parent and a better self actualized person. This martial art has truly given me the gifts of physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

  • AnnArborDoula,

    Martial arts training is really not about learning the skills of self development. It is a true continuous improvement process. Self actualization is the most valuable part of martial arts.

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