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Ninja Training For Power and Stealth

Ninja training is the most comprehensive combat training available.

The ninja moves that the ninja were able to manage were legendary. Ninja combat was strategic and precise. Their creativity and ability to manipulate their situation was one aspect of their powers that had everyone, including the Emperor, fearful. This is training everyone should have!

Ninja training is available today. But as I tell my students, “The ninja moves are simple, they just aren’t easy!”Ninja Training

Ninja moves consist of:

  • Strikes
  • Throws
  • Joint locks
  • Slight of hand
  • Re-direction of the opponents focus
  • Positioning

Ninja combat was considered dishonorable by many. But think about yourself. If your family was harassed, brutalized and stolen from what would you do to protect them?

And the ninja moves used in ninja combat weren’t dishonorable. They were unbelievably effective self defense!


Click on the image below see how you can earn your Black Belt in Ninjutsu with my online Ninjutsu Course!

Ninja training Starts Here!


I really want to know what you are thinking.

Please leave your questions or comments in the comment box below. I will respond to them as quickly as I can.

17 Responses to “Ninja Training”

  • Lyle:

    I have searched for bits and pieces of training material for years now. Then I found this site. You will be hearing from me again. Thanks

  • Just let me know what you would like to know/see and I will make sure it gets on this site.
    And you are welcome!

  • Antonio:

    I like ninja I am lookimg forward in learning the secerts and opening the doors of ninjitsu i have been tpld ther are still some academys that train ninjas im looking for one can u help me find one

  • Antonio,
    There are indeed schools that teach ninjutsu. The trick is to find a teacher that is dedicated full time, has your true best interests at heart (not their own ego’s best interest as I have found with many teachers) and that you feel comfortable with.
    Not knowing what your needs are or where you are located the best thing I can suggest is that you get started on your ninja training with the curriculum I have prepared for my students on this site. Just click on the image above of the training package that will take you to the sign up page.

  • alexx:

    Okay, I am only a teenager and I want to become a ninja. Do you watch or read naruto? Naruto is about ninjas and I want to become just like them one day. Do you think it is possible for a teenage girl who is 13 to become a ninja? Also is it possible to do real jutsu like Kagebunshin no jutsu?

  • liz:

    Hey I am twelve and I want to become a ninja. I have certain goals I want to achieve when I become a ninja. Have you ever heard of naruto or bleach? I want to become like one of those guys one day and become the greatest ninja the world has ever known! Believe it!

  • Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create a shadow of yourself? Unfortunately this is only possible in anime.
    However, ninjas can do some amazing things. I have many teenage girls in my school. They are all ninjas and they are all learning very cool stuff.
    You can learn to be a ninja too. However great it would be to do what anime characters do, we must remember we are all human.

  • Liz,
    You can become anything you want to be. I wish I had access to this infromation when I was your age.
    Since you are 12 you have a great advantage over many others in this art who found it later in life. Unfortunately, you will need to work with your parents to get this training and use it. Hopefully you can help them see the benefits and you will listen to your parents.

  • devilf:

    i can do parkour and kind of get away but i have trouble blending in and manuvering etc do you have any tips?i also have trouble hiding

  • ninjasrule:

    im 13 years old, my parents cant afford to buy me any ninja training videos, schools, books, or anything like that, but it is my lifelong goal to become a ninja. i was wondering if you would know about any links to videos or anything to help with my training. i dont know what self training i can do at home, so i could use a few ideas. i just need some things to work on right now until i can get my own training. i would appreciate it if you could help.

  • With an attitude like that you will most certainly realize your dream of becoming a ninja. Since you are 13 I really can’t train you without your parents permission and involevment though.

    As far as online resources, I really can’t suggest any for two reasons, 1) You really need guidance when learning ninjutsu. This art is too effective and powerful to learn completely on your own. 2) Just watching a bunch of videos and then trying to copy the movements would almost be worse than not training at all. You would learn some really bad habits that would make it hard for the teacher you will train with in the future to undo.

    Keep working with your parents to find a way to get the proper training you want.

    Keep going!

  • Hi Devilf,

    I am not sure what you are asking. However PK is a great way to train. It is very riskiy though and I would not recommend it to everyone.

    About getting away, are you saying that if someone has grabbed you and you want to get away? If so there are infinate possibilities for “getting away”; pain points, joint locks, striking, kicking, the list goes on.

    If you are talking about getting away after you get loose from the attacker, then the pain points, striking and kicking should buy you a few seconds to get a head start. You need to get your attacker in a position that they cannot see your initial direction of escape, or of they do see what direction you start in, distract them and change direction.

    This topic is very difficult to explain in this limited written form. I will try to put together videos that will help. Keep an eye out for them.

  • tino:

    hi i am tino i am 11 year old and will anything to go to ninja class i hope one day i will be a great ninja.

  • ShinobiWANNABE:

    Hi, I just wanted to ask what are ways of moving and sneaking by people without being noticed or heard? I really want to be stealthy ..

  • There are many secrets to invisiblity. SOme involve walking and moving your body. Others are about ways to blend in so as not to be noticed. Still other ways are about re-direction of a persons attention.

    My Black Belt Course teaches some of these at the higher rank levels.

    Click Here to learn more and get your ninja training started!

  • Tim:


  • HI Tim,

    I get a lot of people who havre the same sentiment. There is a lot of junk out there. One of my goals is to get you the very best clear and understandable step-by-step online ninja training so you can get results fast.

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