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Ninjutsu Schools

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Only the best ninjutsu dojo are ninjutsu schools that have an expert at the head of the school. A credible ninja dojo have a direct lineage, or line of teachers, to the ancient ninja scrolls.

The ninja lineage has been passed down for over 900 years through generations of families and ninja schools and fiercely protected. Today that lineage is still being protected by warriors who deeply believe in the effectiveness of the art and it’s life changing principles.Ninjutsu Shools

There is great controversy surrounding who can legitimately claim lineage to and claim to be a true ninja dojo. In my opinion:

  • Politics should not get in the way of sharing ninjutsu
  • Many want to keep the art a secret when I think everyone could benefit from learning it
  • Anyone who has a direct lineage to Hatsumi sensei AND has good teaching skills is a great option to learn from

Much of the problem with finding legitimate ninjutsu schools is that there are many people who are more concerned about their own ego than the art or the student. I have had a few of these people in my school over the last 12 years. Traditionally, the ninja dojo was centered on having a very powerful community, not one person trying to take the power for themselves.

The 34th grandmaster of ninjutsu holds the ninja secrets. These secrets have been passed down, continuing the lineage and passing down these ninja secrets. There are number of his students that have gone on to begin their own schools based on the true ninja lineage. My ninja dojo is one of the ninjutsu schools based on that very same lineage.

This is one thing I love about the ninja and their art. They understood that you become more powerful by helping those around you become more powerful. In a real ninja dojo you will sense a feeling of community, a passion for protection, not aggression and the emphasis will be on making the world a better place as a result of your training.Ninja Dojo

Ninjutsu instruction can be found at a good ninjutsu school or ninja dojo, ninjutsu seminar and in ninjutsu centers around the world; japanese ninjutsu, ninjutsu usa, canadian ninjutsu, ninjutsu uk, australian ninjutsu, ninjutsu india, brazilian ninjutsu, chinese ninjutsu. With a qualified teacher it is all just ninjutsu, The country doesn’t matter, only the teacher, the lineage and the student.

My recommendations for you:

  • Find a true ninjutsu schools (not a karate convert)
  • Find the most powerful ninjutsu teacher you can
  • Train in the best ninja dojo you can find. Train in a place you will be able to learn, grow and become the most powerful version of yourself possible!

Until you can find  a teacher you can train with directly use my books and videos to help you learn the heart of ninjutsu.


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I really want to know what you are thinking.

Please leave your questions or comments in the comment box below. I will respond to them as quickly as I can.

21 Responses to “Ninjutsu Schools”

  • Werner Hiltner:

    Tolle Videos !1 Haben mir sehr gut gefallen

  • Hello,
    I have two questions:
    I am a 40 yrs. and have no martial arts experience and am looking for the most effective system(s) to train with in the nearby future as my current work as a long haul truck driver prevents studies. While searching online for informations I have noticed many martial arts forms offering their courses on DVD or live online instruction. My 1st question is Can this really be an effective way to train without an instructor to correct posture, form, or to help teach without the student injuring themselves? My 2nd question relates to my weak knees that have been dislocated in past years, should I risk study of martial arts, or can the arts help my condition? Thank you.

  • Arthur,
    As to your first question: “Can this really be an effective way to train without an instructor to correct posture, form, or to help teach without the student injuring themselves?”
    The absolute best way to learn ninjutsu is with a teacher. There are two problems through. First, most people are no where near a teacher. Second, In my opinion, there may many great practitioners of ninjutsu, but not many good teachers.
    This is why I created this site. For all the people who would never be able to have access to what I believe is the best self defense and personal improvement training in the world.
    So the answer is yes. It can be an effective way to train. And, members of my online training have access to my seminars at a 30% discount. I do this to encourage them to train with me personally.
    Your second question:”my weak knees that have been dislocated in past years, should I risk study of martial arts, or can the arts help my condition?”
    As with any physical activity you should consult your doctor. But many of my students have had similar issues and found that this training actually helped them improve.
    Go to the “Membership” page and invest in my Ninja Online Mastery membership.

  • sean weaver:

    i am 16 years old and ive longed to learn ninjistu for as far back as i can remember. i read you have a dojo and i couldnt find your location. do you by chance have summer training camps?

    -sean weaver

  • Hi Sean,
    I do run ninjutsu camps. In fact, I am having a camp on December 27, 28 and 29 2010. If you are 16 then you would need to have a parent present. My school is in Michigan so travel arrangements would need to be made soon.

  • jsutin:

    how do i learn ninjutso with out the dvd and teacher becuse all i can find is ninja choosen on youtube and its kinda hard to learn from it

  • Xavier Spencer:

    I am extremely interested in learning ninjutsu. I live in Michigan but i would like to know where you are located so that I might be able to learn at your dojo. I am 16 and can drive, so as long as it isn’t too far, i would love to learn from you.

  • brandon lee yandell:

    I think its the best way of life

  • brandon lee yandell:

    Sir I’m wondering how much will all this cost and Wat should I do if I can’t have a parent with me

  • Brandon,
    You definately need your parents permission and cooperation to buy and use this training.
    Beginning in March 2011 I will be releasing my ninja black belt curriculum. There should be two ways to buy it. One is to pay a little each month for a few months. The other is to pay just $229 right away and save about $60.
    Either way you NEED to have your parent be the one to buy it and supervise you in your training.
    Also, you should get a couple of your friends together and form a training group. That way you will have people to practice with (and maybe share the cost with).

  • Brandon,
    I agree with you about it being the best way of life.

  • LaMonte:

    how long does it take for ninja mastery to ship?

  • John:

    Hello. I’m currently in Okinawa and was wondering if there are any dojos or masters on this island?

  • Hi John,

    The ninja masters I train with and trust are in Japan. That is where Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi lives as ell as his personal students.

    Good luck with your search. In the meantime you should taek a look at my Black Belt course coming out very soon.

  • LaMonte,

    All the vieo training I provide is online in the members ony area. When you buy my courses you won’t recieve any dvd’s in the mail.

    You can use the training materials anytime right from your computer!

  • Ben Noble:

    Hi. I have a few questions. I read that you had a dojo but, I couldn’t find the location. Do you have any summer camps? If you do, when are they and about how long do they last. I have wanted to learn ninjutsu for a long time. Do you teach any private lessons? I learn better this way. It helps me concentrate on what I am doing. It also helps me learn faster. I live in West Virginia so, do you know a way that I could still do your summer camps even if they are in a different state? I am sorry that I am asking you a lot of questions but, I want to learn as much as I possibly can about ninjutsu.

  • Angus:

    Ken, my name is Tim Wolf, and I live in traverse City. I have been training in VanDonk’s video program to the present, 3rd kyu. I’m not pleased woth the politics, nor the stiff traditions the Bujinkan is imposing on the art. I see you will be offering a “BlackBelt Program” in To-Shin-Do Ninjutsu, at present, or soon. I would like to get on board towards an eventual black belt, via online/distance training. What all does it entail, what do you need out of me, and how do I start? Let me know all the details you can, when you are able; I know you are busy. I wish I had known about To-Shin-Do before I got wrapped up in the Bujinkan. I want something practical, affordable, and nearby. Used to live in Adrian, so Ann Arbor is only 4 hours out for me. Let me know what you think. Thank You for your time, and consideration. Timothy Angus Wolf

  • Hi Tim,

    I hate politics too. If there is one thing that will destroy a group of people who are trying to make a difference it is politics. I try to insulate my students from the agendas and egos of others in ninjutsu.

    I haven’t seen Master Van Donks Black Belt curriculum so I can’t comment on it or his politics. BUT, what I do believe is that ninjutsu is an alive and dynamic art. That is why it is so powerful.

    The way I teach is to the individual. I tell my students that when you get to black belt you will look different than me. You are taller, shorter, heavier or lighter. We also have different personalities. You are either Earth, Fire, Water or Wind primarily. And to make you even more complex you have a secondary element that drives your personality.

    I have a DVD training on the elements and personality if you are interested let me know and I can make it available online.

    So by definition rigidity cannot be encouraged Ninjutsu helps uncover your uniqueness, not bury it.

    I don’t teach To Shin Do. It has some good qalities that it borrowed from true ninjutsu. But it has, in my opinion, strong limitations. I know the To Shin do curriculum but I teach ninjutsu.

    My experience in Bujinkan has been very good. But like any group of people you may have had some bad experiences with individuals. We are not all like that.

    You are absolutely welcome to come to my school since you are so close. But I recommend starting with my ninja online training and come to my school in Ann Arbor as a distance student.

  • Emma:

    My name is Emma and im 14 years old and i’ve longed for learning about and how to preform ninjutsu. I have been very eager to find a website like this. I was wondering though if there are any camps coming up at your Michigan location. If so i would be very pleased to join you, also i would like to know how much it will cost. My parents are very supportive of my choice to learn ninjutsu , i just need to find an affordable place to learn.
    Thank You .

  • Hi Emma!

    I have a lot of people your age in my school learning ninjutsu. They are truly amazing in their knwlage and skills. I wisch I had access to this training when I was 14.

    I think it shows great wisdom on your parents part to support your interests, especially when it is something that will add to your life in so many ways.

    We do have seminars that happen at our school. In fact, my teacher, a 15th degree shihan just came and did a four hour seminar, It was awesome.

    I will have him out again over the summer. We are also planning a ninja training weekend over the summer.

    Since you are 14 your parents will need to be there (and they can train too) for you to participate. BTW, we have lots of families that train together. Wouldn’t it be great if you and your parents trained together? A ninja family!

    It would be a good idea for you to start with my Ninjutsu Black Belt Course. That way you will have a base level of knowledge and skills when you get here.

    Click Here to get your Black Belt training started.

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