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I designed your Ninjutsu Black Belt Training Course so you wouldn’t have to go through what he did…


…and as a result you can earn your ninjutsu black belt!

He was paralyzed in place. He didn’t have the confidence to make any decision, much less make powerful decisions that could literally save his life. He could see it coming, but couldn’t get out of his own way to do anything about it.

As he told me his tragic story his head sunk lower and his voice kind of just trailed off…

By now, I thought he was on the verge of telling me something tragic. But in an instant he looked up with passion in his eyes and the confidence that I had become accustomed to seeing in him lately. He continued as he told me he had to stop his training. I was stunned!

“You see”, he continued, “I just got a huge job offer in Texas and I have to leave the state. And I really owe most of it to you and the training“.

You see, he had been physically and emotionally bullied at school, then at work. At his job no one would listen to his ideas. He was a “corporate ghost”. He was going no where and he felt completely helpless.

Then, over the two years he trained with me he found his inner strength, his inner warrior. He also learned the ninja secrets of getting people to not only end their hostility, but to enlist as your ally!

Could this can happen to you?

What this training Ninjutsu training is about.
By now you have probably noticed what is happening in the USA and all around the world. When you join you can gain the skills and knowledge to protect yourself and your family, from everyday threats AND in the coming hard times. And I believe we are on the threshold of some very hard times indeed.

Ninjutsu Masters Shiraishi Shihan
You can’t afford not to LEARN THIS INFORMATION.

It is about creating a community of warriors that will come out of this chaotic and dangerous period stronger, safer and wealthier.

You can master the secret art of the ninja and earn your Ninjutsu Black Belt right at home. These online ninjutsu lessons are designed to guide you step-by-step to ninja mastery.
Imagine what your life would look like if you knew that you can do anything you set your mind to?

How would your life be different if nothing and no one was able to distract you from your goals, strategies and dreams?

If or just a moment you could have the power and peace of unshakable courage, perseverance and resolute determination? How would that feel?

You want to know how to physically protect yourself and your family. So, let’s talk about that first. Here is what I have created for you.

When you enroll in your Black Belt course you will learn the entire Ninjutsu curriculum up to black belt. You will learn:

  • The four core skills to winning against attackers twice your size 
  • The 8 moves that are core to the ninja’s legendary skills (It is said that if you practice just these 8 things every day you will become a master in just a few years)
  • How to be “faster” than any attacker
  • Exactly where to be and how to get out of danger effortlessly
  • The 5 key secrets to generate irresistible knock down power


There are just too many skills and secrets to list here.


Rest assured, you will get the full Ninjutsu Black Belt curriculum.

This information is worth thousands of times what you will invest in this course. You will have it at your fingertips in your member’s only site. It will be available to you 24/7.

ninjutsu training
This could well be the very best investment of your life.


And just to make this completely irresistible in addition to my full Ninjutsu Black Belt course I have added some extremely vauable bonuses!


Special Bonus!
On The Razor’s Edge: Knife defense

After you have had an opportunity to learn the fundamentals (about three months) you will get access to my Knife Defense seminar where you will learn:

  • The safest place to be in a knife fight (you may be surprised)
  • The most dangerous place to be in a knife fight
  • How to be let the attacker “attack himself” with his own knife
  • Step-by-step instruction on using the attackers attack destroy him
  • The three most common knife attacks, and how to defeat them


Bonus #2
Access to my student-only seminars

Members will get to come to all my live students only seminars at regular student rates. A number of times each year I hold live seminars for students only. In October, 2011 I held a 12 hour Warriors Training. It was designed to bring about “breakthroughs” for the warriors who made it through the entire 12 hours. And it certainly did!

I also plan to have Economic Warriors seminars that will focus solely on the coming “Greater Depression” and how to profit from it.

As a member you will have access to these seminars (the public is not invited and you must be one of my students to attend)

This is the real deal. Real Ninjutsu for today’s ninja.

The massive changes in our world in the coming months could rob millions of the personal and financial power. It will unbalance them and make them completely vulnerable.

You MUST maintain your Balance. This training will help you develop your Personal Power and develop an unstoppable spirit!

Now I’m not saying this can magically happen overnight

This Warrior Training can help you:

  • Keep your Balance, so you have more Control
  • Give you more Control, so you have more Strength
  • Increase your Strength, so you develop more Personal Power

If you want to increase your Personal Power
then Hit the “Join Now” button

With the Physical Training and the Mind Training you can set yourself up uniquely to not only survive the coming heard times, you can set yourself up to create great wealth.

Samurai Sword

Some of my students pay over $200 per month to get the physical skills training and the mind science training that leads to mastery over yourself and your world.

They also pay $100 an hour in private lessons with me.

Only active students are allowed to attend private seminars - some that last for over 12 hours!

My most highly skilled students get the opportunity to actually help instruct in classes – that’s priceless!

So, weekly classes: $200 per month

Private lessons: $100 per month

Total cost per month = $300!

But it won’t cost you $300 per month

It won’t even cost you half that or $150 per month

It won’t even cost $100 per month.

And remember, for a limited time you get all 3 bonuses, FREE.

You can earn your Ninjutsu Black Belt at home for a steal of a price.

I have decided to offer this course for a very short time at a special low price. I am launching this Ninjutsu Black Belt Course now at the ridiculously low price of


ninjutsu black belt course

That’s right, for less than $100 you can learn to become a master ninja!

For about the cost of a fast food cup of coffee per day you could be learning ninjutsu and working on ninja mastery.

This price will be going up so now is your best opportunity to learn the awesome secret art of the ninja at an insanely low investment of $97!.

I can only give you the information. Information is just useless knowledge. It becomes wisdom when you apply it and take action, massive action, to create the life you want, the life you deserve.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Will you do what you really want to do?

Will you give your family the protection they deserve?

Will you develop the skills and the spirit to dominate your world?

Take action now to protect yourself, your family and take advantage of this unique point in history to create massive wealth.

Click the “Buy Now” button below.

Then after you enroll make sure you READ ALL THE EMAILS for detailed instruction on how to get started fast and get the most out of your training.

ninjutsu black belt course

If you want to protect yourself and your family from what could be the most difficult period in history get this training now!

Join now and I’ll see you on the other side.

Shidoshi Keith Copeland

11 Responses to “Ninjutsu Training Black Belt Course”

  • dnajib:

    hello shidoshi keith copeland i was born to be a ninja im looking for a teacher who will sincerly accept me as a student and help guide me to my destiny. your program is very helpful but in order for me to become a master im going to need hands on help training,how do i find that?

  • dnajib:

    the black belt course looks like it could be very helpful, hope i will be able to afford it even if i cant afford not to. lol

  • Hi Dnajib,

    This is going to be a comprehensive self prtection course. In the coming times you can’t afford not to have it.

  • Bill Crossley:

    I can’t seem to find the link to sign up .. even the old “online mastery” one is either down or hidden or something. I’m super excited about this, though. Any idea when it will become available?

  • Bry:

    I tried like crazy to become a member, but everything I click on directs me to the home page. I don’t know how to sign up?

  • I have closed my Ninja Mastery package as I launch your new Ninjutsu Black Belt course. By the numbers of emails I am getting from so many of you who are anxiously wating for it it may fill up. Hang in there for a couple more days


    Deal me in! How will we know it’s ready? I will keep checking this site.

  • I am working out the delivery system now. It is almost there.

    If you are on my mailing list I will let you know when the course is released. So, if you haven’t gotten my free report yet, go ahead and leave your name and email so you will know right away.

    Other wise, just keep checking back here.

    This is gonna be great!

  • Ruben ter Weer:

    This all sounds really great, but this whole list is just a summary of what you’ll learn. So my question is where I can actually learn all this.

  • Hi Ruben,

    The Black Belt Course is open. You can emroll by reading the page above to see what you’ll learn in the course. Then, click the “Subscribe” button (there are two of them) and it will take you to Paypal to set up your payments for membership.

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