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Your Body as a Weapon, Taijutsu

Ninpo, also known by the name ninjutsu, is the  martial art of the  ninja. Ninpo taijutsu is the empty handed segment that is practiced with no weapons, thus empty handed combat.

Ninpo taijutsu can be hand-to-hand or hand-to-armed assailant. Whether against an armed or unarmed attacker the basic principles of ninpo taijutsu are the same.Taijutsu

One reason we train with weapons is to improve our ninpo taijutsu. Any mistakes in our form, body dynamics or basic budo taijutsu principles will become very clear, very quickly when we add the  dimension of weapons as extensions of our bodies and energies.

Budo taijutsu, or the warriors empty handed method is a path to self actualization. As you are perfecting your budo taijutsu, you are perfecting all aspects of yourself.

Ninpo taijutsu has a few sub categories:

  • Koshijutsu
  • Koppojutsu
  • Dakentaijutsu
  • Jutaijutsu
  • Taihenjutsu

Koshijutsu training teaches you to attack with the fingers. The target typically being the muscles, and more specifically the nerves of the attacker. These kyusho point, sometimes called pressure points, can cause  pain and temporary numbness and paralysis.

Koppojutsu is “bone breaking” techniques. Bone breaking really means breaking the integrity of the skeetal structure to unbalance the attacker.

Daken-taijutsu means the “striking method”. It is the techniques to creating effective strikes with minimum effort.

Ju-taijutsu is the grappling method. When you are not really throwing. You are scientifically positioning yourself to perfectly unbalance the attacker and apply the least amount of effort to cause him to fall.

Taihenjutsu is the ability to control your body in relation to your surroundings. Breakfalls, rolling and leaping are all key aspects of taihenjutsu.

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4 Responses to “Taijutsu”

  • Thom Delecki:

    I love learning how to use shoulders, knees and head as self defense weapons on our body.

  • Taijutsu is the aspect of ninpo training that is unarmed. Ninpo taijutsu ,or budo taijutsu is the art of empty handed defense.

  • tye44:

    where can i learn these things now? where can i go in texas to learn how to fight great and hard?

  • I don’t have any personal knowledge of a good dojo in your area. But, this is why I created this online opportunity for you right here!
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