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Ninjutsu in America – To Shin Do

Stephen K. Hayes founded To Shin Do as a modern adaptation for self defense from modern fighting techniques and modern weapons. To Shin Do is practiced in several countries. It is considered a self defense system.

An-shu Stephen Hayes has adapted the traditional ninjutsu principles to modern America. The attacks a person would Ninjutsu_trainingencounter in this century are very different than they would have been in fuedal Japan. The norms of old Japan and today’s western society require a new mindset that is approriate for environment, our weapons and our laws.

The underlying art is the same but the applications are adapted and the art is simplified so that the average person could expect to master this simplified version of the real ninja martial art of ninjutsu.

To Shin Do is taught in such a way that the student can learn in a fundemental environment. The student experiences low risk in the early stages but as they progress through the curriculum they increase their skills and their ability to receive higher and higher levels of risk and reward.

The home dojo is in Dayton Ohio. To Shin do is taught through the Quest Center system of schools.

To Shin do can be an effective school of ninjutsu and anyone who studies with a competent teacher should consider all there options before commiting their time and money.

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